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Moment of Hope

Pandemic (Covid-19) The year 2020, promises to go down in history and not ever be forgotten for the corona virus.  It swept over our world in a matter of weeks infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. Fear gripped the entire world, and everyone was sheltering in place to keep from catching or spreading this dreaded disease.  

Needless to say, HOPE took a huge hit.  As the weeks pressed on and everyone was unable to do the daily things we normally do, people's spirits continued to reach all time lows, churches were doing all they could by having services online so families could attend on their computers or mobile devices, but not being able to come together and worship and fellowship was really affecting everyone.  I wrote this song filled with frustration and determination that no matter what this life was going to throw at me, I’m not going to lose my hope.  I know where hope comes from and God has not lost control, so no matter what bad news comes my way I will hide myself in Christ, fall to my knees and find my Moment of Hope!

Buddy Mullins Music Videos

Buddy Mullins Music Videos

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