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Kerri Mullins: Writing with a Mission

My wife, Kerri is the heartbeat of our home. Mother of our two daughters, and one dog. She embodies the heart of a worshiper. Her love for the Lord and ministry started before I met her.  As a graduate of Liberty University with a major in music education, she has been a part of leading music teams in churches we have been a part of, as well as being a worship leader on many platforms across America.  In 2005, we traveled together with our worship group, Everyday Driven, before accepting a position on church staff between the years of 2008-2015.  Together we have written songs, lead choirs, bands, and worship teams.  
She is a phenomenal writer that is so great at being vulnerable and expressing her walk with the Lord, both the ups and downs.  
Since 2015, we have worked together in mission work where she runs the HFTW Foundation offices as well as traveling with me all over representing HFTW and co-leading short-term mission trips to the field.  
You will enjoy reading her blog and feel as though you are walking beside her experiencing, learning, seeking, and growing your faith along with her. I know I do.
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